ARRIVAL MEALS,  also available to order during your holiday

So that you can start your holiday straight away and not have to cook on the first night we offer arrival meals and evening meals to order. We will prepare a delicious meal from the menu below so that you can relax as soon as you arrive.

Menu €16.00 Per Person


Main course

1. Grilled salmon

2. Chicken in white wine & mustard sauce 

3. Breast of Duck,

4. Moules (mussels) & frites

All of the above served with either sauté potatoes, French fries or white rice and choice of fresh vegetables.

5. Choice of Salads


    Hot chicken and lardons
    Smoked salmon


1. Chocolate mousse

2. Crepe sucre/orange/lemon/chocolate

3. Selection of Ice cream

4. Cheese board

    Red or White wine is included (half bottle per person)

Childrens Menu €8.00

Main course

1. Burger & fries

2. Chicken nuggets & fries

3. Fish nuggets & fries

4. Ham & fries


1. Selection of Ice cream

2. Chocolate mousse

    Soft drink included

Madonna & Martin